Rumunjska fotografkinja Mihaela Noroc četiri je godine putovala svijetom ne bi li zabilježila ljepotu žene.

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Projekt nazvan "The Atlas of Beauty" (Atlas ljepote) za cilj je imao pokazati raznolikost i ljepotu svih žena, a ne samo onu koja se prezentira kroz modne časopise.

"Za mene prava ljepota ne ovisi o godinama, boji ili trendu. Može se jednako naći kako u Europi, tako i u Africi. Ona se pronalazi u gestama, borama, priči...", kaže autorica.

Kako sama navodi, njezini modeli su topla ljudska bića koja iza lica kriju zanimljive priče.

U vrijeme kada nam manjka tolerancije, ova umjetnica koja u svojoj knjizi ima više od 500 portreta sa zanimljivim pričama, šalje poruku o ljubavi i toleranciji, jasno dajući do znanja kako je raznolikost blago koje trebamo čuvati, jer na kraju svi smo mi ista obitelj.


Tibetan woman for #TheAtlasofBeauty

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Before her performance in a traditional show, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. #theatlasofbeauty

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Sunita is one of the beautiful children that live in desert tent camps around Pushkar, India. Many tourists photograph her, because of her spectacular eyes, but a few are interested to help. She badly damaged her left hand when she was little. Her father died almost a year ago. The tent camp communities have no power or plumbing, and there are a lot serious health problems. In the last years Brett, from the US, helped this community, providing medical care and free education, using mostly his own savings. But now his savings are over and he needs support to continue this essential work. I met him in Pushkar and I saw with my own eyes how much he supports these children, and their desperate need of help. Their stories are heart-breaking. Some of the babies are in danger of starvation and they are in desperate need of help. Brett operates a school for 30 of these children, with well-qualified teachers and a nurse, and free food and medical care. He helped Sunita with hand surgery 18 months ago, and she is attending the school, coming by bus every 50km round-trip. She is excelling in Hindi, English, and Math, and wants to become a nurse or teacher. She just had her first ever birthday party at school, at age 13! Please click the link from the profile. Make a donation and give a chance for a better life, to these beautiful children. Believe me, even a small support would mean an enormous step forward for them. Let’s help them together!

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Koleka is a performance poet from South Africa. She was born in a family of 8 siblings in Port Elizabeth and now lives in Cape Town where I met her 5 months ago. In a time when the success is mostly synonym with lots of money or huge popularity, it's great to see that there are still so many wonderful people around the world that dedicate their life to art, although their path is full of struggles and challenges. Besides the time when she recites her poems on a stage, some of the happiest moments in Koleka's life are her birthdays. She thinks we should appreciate each year of our lives because getting older is a privilege, not something to take for granted. An article about my stay in Cape Town in the link from bio. #TheAtlasOfBeauty #AroundTheWorld #SouthAfrica

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Mother and daughter on the streets of Milan, Italy, a few weeks ago. Caterina, the daughter, started to dance when she was 3 years old. “I always said to my mother that I want to become a ballerina.” And Barbara, the mother, always supported her. They both moved to Milan from their small town so Caterina could fulfil her dream and study ballet from an early age in one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Her brother and her father had to remain home, a few hundred kilometres away. Art requires huge sacrifices, years of hard work and difficulties, but great things never come easy. Just imagine how Barbara feels today when she sees Caterina dancing on one of the most famous stages in the world: the stage of La Scala. #TheAtlasOfBeauty #Milan #Italy #Ballerina #Mother #Daughter #Story #AroundTheWorld

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